Legacy Fund

TCNAA’s inaugural Legacy Fund campaign commenced in February 2018 and operated until December 31, 2018. It established a fundraising goal of $150,000. The final amount raised was $88,737.47. The amount is among the largest ever raised by TCNAA in recent years.

Legacy campaign contributions to the College by TCNAA are donated as “unrestricted”, which means the College will determine how the funds will be appropriated. In an email response from Dr. Sama A. Mondeh, Vice President for Finance & Administration, regarding the College’s use of restricted funds, he responded as follows:

The College utilizes unrestricted funds to support operational needs, including paying for utilities, supplies, faculty and student travel and building maintenance. Please be informed that over 95% of students who attend the College receive financial aid. Institutional aid (scholarships) is over $4 million, which is cash that the College does not collect. The unrestricted donations from TCNAA and other organizations help the College address critical operational needs. The Administration is thankful and appreciate the hard work of TCNAA leadership for the great support to the College.

2019 Legacy Fund Campaign

2018 Legacy Fund Campaign