The Legacy Fund

Greetings Everyone!  

TCNAA’s inaugural Legacy Fund campaign commenced in February 2018 and operated until December 31, 2018. It established a fundraising goal of $150,000. The final amount raised was $88,737.47. Please note, that this amount, as a result of a last-minute contribution, is different from the amount reported in the January report. The final amount, however, is among the largest ever raised by TCNAA in recent years.

The 2018 Legacy campaign attracted nearly 275 donors. Of that number, nearly 80 made contributions ranging from $500 dollars to $5,400; donors in this range were identified as Champions of the Legacy. Several employers provided matching funds to donations.  Builders of The Legacy was the second funding level of the 2018 campaign; it had nearly 195 donors with contributions ranging from $25 to the upper 400 dollars.  

Legacy campaign contributions to the College by TCNAA are donated as “unrestricted”, which means the College will determine how the funds will be appropriated. In a recent email response from Dr. Sama A. Mondeh, Vice President for Finance & Administration, regarding the College’s use of restricted funds, he responded as follows:

The College utilizes unrestricted funds to support operational needs, including paying for utilities, supplies, faculty and student travel and building maintenance. Please be informed that over 95% of students who attend the College receive financial aid. Institutional aid (scholarships) is over $4 million, which is cash that the College does not collect. The unrestricted donations from TCNAA and other organizations help the College address critical operational needs. The Administration is thankful and appreciate the hard work of TCNAA leadership for the great support to the College.

TCNAA is very appreciative of your support to our organization and of course to the College as well. As you can see from Dr. Mondeh’s comments, our financial support is critical to the College’s day- to- day operations. Please find below the final list of donors to the 2018 TCNAA Legacy Campaign: 

Champions of the Legacy*

Lydia Alexander

Rosetta A. Armour-Lightner, Col USAF, Ret.

Marie Coles Baker, PHD

Robert Beasley

Juliette Bell

Arminta Bolden

Laddie Bolden

Betty Brown

Judge Houston Brown

Cain Brothers (Asante, 97’, Khari, Jabari, PHD)

Eugene Cain, EdD

Maxine H. Cain, EdD

Norman Campbell

Mercy Standford & Carolyn Smith Carter

Leo Anthony Chestang, Jr., MD

Charellise Coleman

Lynne Mayo Collins

Harry Coaxum

June Fox Davis

Detroit Talladega College Club

Beulah J. Dumas

Patricia Chestang Duncan, EdD

Richard English, PHD

Edwina Fields

Lynn Nikky Finney

Helen Flagg, PHD

Patricia Frazier, PHD

Gail Gardner (In Honor of Business Majors,1985 & 1986)

Zeresh Gosha

Karla Gray

Herbert Greene, MD

Ruby Greene

Margaret Griffin

Deborah Higgins

Erma Waddy Hines, PHD

Janice Polk Hobbs

Virginia Freeman Howard

Ursula Jackson

Edna Jackson-Gray, PHD

Sherman James, PHD

Herbert Jones, MD

Kellogg Foundation

Deloris Shepard Frazier

Patricia Frazier, PHD

Ann Green, PHD

Russell Holloway

Marilyn T.  Jones-Woodson

Krista Lawrence

Maxine Lee

Gerald Martin

Marvin McKinney, PHD

MERCK Foundation

Mamie L. Murrell

Joanne Myers

Frank Nelson

Betty J.  Palm

Clintonia Patterson

John Peasant, MD

Bertha M. Burris Perkins

Marva & Alonzo Pettus

Jean S. Porter

Jacqueline McKinney Preston

Diane and James Reynolds

Edward Savage, MD

Kevin Scott, MD

Dorothy Shack

Hollis Shaw

Beverly Shields

Michael Simmons

Andre Smith, MD

Kathleen Smith

Rev., Dr. Paul Smith

Sandra Stubbs

Leon Taylor

Lucille Croom Tillman, PHD

William Truss

Joyce Vasser

Herbert L. Williams, MD

Odessa Woolfolk

Geneva Young

Willie Young

Rosalyn Zeigler

Builders of the Legacy

Samuel Adams

Milele Chikesa Anana

Charles Anthony

Gene Armstrong

Joy Armstrong

Alice Clark Pippins T’ofiri Atta

Carrie Bacon

Alfred Ball

Gwendolyn B. Bates

Angel G. Batts

Lesa Bennett

Thomas A. Bolden

Dale Bonds

Evell Bowie

Zenda Bowie

Carrie Bradley

Mary Brinson

Janet Brooks

Alma Brown

Arthur Brown

Connie Brown

Howard Brown

Jacqueline Brown

Lonnie Brown

Marion Brown

Katrina S. Buchanan

Marva Harris Burns

Evelyn Butts

Cheryl Byrd

Harriett F. Byrom

Edith Calhoun

Charlotte Carter

Felisha Cheatem

Mildred Chenault

Clinn Cole

Ernestine Cole

Charellise Coleman

Vanessa Coleman

Nedonna Cooper

Brenda Vincent Cross, PHD

Marilyn Hatcher Daniels

Daisy W. Davis

Gloria Antone Davis

Mozell Davis

Pauline Davis

Carole Richter Devers

Kimberly Dickerson

Shirley Dixon

Sharon Doleman

Kristen Dulcio

Rosalyn Earl

Doreatha Edgecomb

Franklin Edward

Anita G.  Elston

Oretha Ensley

Chester Fair

Louise Fauntleroy

Fit and Healthy You

Mary Fitzpatrick

Beverly Odom Ford, PHD

Leroy Frazer

Pamela W. Frazer

Vendolyn H. Frazier

Theresa Dillard Gaines

Luther Garrison

Hazel Bass Germany

Barbara Gilbert

James Gleason, MD

Marva Gluellen

Marva I. Goff

Barry Gooden

Eloyd Gooden

Mary Gordon

Sandra Green

Dorothy Gunn

Clarence Hall, PHD

Thomas & Patricia Davis Hardy

Archie Harmon

Gloria Harmon

Aaron Harris

Nikita Harris

Harry Harvey

James & Gwendolyn Hayes

Gwen Hendrix

Nashanta Hill

Roy Hill

Rosalind Hinson, PHD

Juanita Osborne Hixon

Mary Ann Hobley

Karla Holloway, PHD

Karen Y. Houston

Anna Stevenson Humphrey

Janice Ingram

Janis H. Jackson

Loretta Jackson

Ammon Jenkins

Dorothy Jenkins

Carmel B. Johnson

Glenda Johnson

Lucy Johnson

Natalie Johnson

David Jones

Jake Jones

Vivian Love Jones

Linda Stephens Jones

Augustus Jordan II

Darlene Parker Kelly

Kazetta H. King

Yolanda Lampkin

Laverne Latson

John Leach

LaVerne LeFlore

Carline Leonard

Bahati Lett

Melba Lewis

Darron Lockett

Florence Smythe Macaulay

Alma G. Macer

Albertine L. Marshall

Charisse Maxwell

Rosie Meadows

Anthony McGhee

Men of Somerset, NJ Presbyterian Church

Dorothy A. Mills

Maurice Minor

Charlene Mitchell

Edward Mitchell

Wanda Mitchell

Carrie Moore

Ralpheal Moore, EdD

Charles Myers, DDS

Darlene M. Neely

William C. Nelson

Jacqueline Nix

Severia B. Norton

Sheila D. O’Connor

Charles Owens

Kevin Owens

Anne Parker

Carol Patterson

Lillie Y. Patterson

William Peoples

Denise Perryman

Norman Pitts

Anne Porter

Athena M. Porter

Detria Powell

Kristie Purnell

Cynthia Rahming

Cynthia W. Ratchford, PHD

Clarice Reid, MD

Priscilla M. Robinson

Charles Sanford

Ora M. Sheares

Anna Sillmon

Melvin Sillmon

Marie Simmons

Vermelle P. Simmons

Yvonne Simmons

Kimberly Thomas Simon

Angelean Smith, PHD

Bettie Jones Smith

Leonard Smith

Prenzinna Spann

Ephraim Stockdale

Irma Street

Sandra Fox Sudduth

James Tarver, PHD

Margaret Tarver

Bobbie Terry

Carolyn Thomas

Ron Thomas

Shelia Thomas

Altamese Thompson

Mary L.Tinsley

Linda J. Tuck

Charlotte Walker

Faye White

Cecil Williams

Nikema Williams

Rachelle Williams

Sandra Williams

W. Virginia Williams

Elizabeth Snyder Wilson

Laverne Wyche

Roland Yates


Updated as of January 18, 2019

*Contributions of $500.00 or more