2019 Legacy Fund Campaign


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2019 Legacy Campaign Goal –$150,000.00


Letter From Ralph Harper – Fundraising Chair

August 1, 2019

Ralph Harper

“Erected in 1857 by the worn and scarred hands of slaves, Swayne Hall is the cornerstone of Talladega College. It’s been a long row to hoe, yet the price still being paid is immeasurable. Spiritual symbolism marks the walls of Swayne Hall. The souls of many of our ancestors’ rest there. Slavery took its toll, yet Black Americans prevailed by clinging to profound beliefs in possibilities—hope. May God bless the sacred land on which it stands, each structure that makes up its collective presence, and every student, faculty-member and executive that has and will traverse the realm of Talladega College for the purpose of higher learning. Talladega College— “The Alpha Lyrae Vega of them all.””

When I think of Talladega College, it’s hard not to envision the first of its students – freed slaves. I imagine them free for the first time when slavery was all they had previously known. I imagine some of whom were learning to read for the very first time. I imagine their courage and determination to succeed in the country they contributed to building with their free labor. I imagine the will of freed slaves to forge ahead despite the challenges connected to learning and being educated for the first time. I imagine the lawlessness in our country contributing to their constant plight. I am acutely aware of how they forged ahead despite all the headwinds.  It is because of these brave souls that we are Talladegans. Our collective successes have been made possible because we continue to stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors – freed slaves – Talladegans.

My name is Ralph Harper, class of 1983.

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Legacy Campaign Fund Contributors


Investor–$10,000 and up


Champion–$5,000 to $9,999

Karla and Russell Holloway


Sustainer–$1,000 to $4,999

Norman Campbell

Ernestine B. Cole

Ruby Powell Greene

James and Dianne Reynolds

Beverly E. shields

Victoria and Michael Simmons

Sandra C. Stubbs

Talladega Chapter—TCNAA

Tampa Bay Chapter—TCNA


Builder–$500 to $999

Irby P Bray

Gwendolyn Harllee

Dorothy A. Mills

Joann Myers

Betty Palm

Virginia W. Saunders


Founder–$100 to $499

Myrna Anderson-Fuller

Dale Jackson Bonds

Zenda Bowie

Marriett F. Byrom

South Carolina Chapter—TCNAA

Evelyn Denmark

Ladonna Evans

Roberta Fraiser

Marva I. Goff

Robert L. Heflin, Jr

Mary A. Hobley

James Holloway

Henry Holloway

Karen Y. Houston

Kazetta H. King

Margaret Mullen

Charles Myers

Darlene Neely

Kevin Owens

Mable and Charles Randall

Marie Shaw-Simmons

Vanzetta B. Whittaker

Maurice H. Minor


Supporter–$1 to $99

Ora Myles Sheares

Claudette Coakley Watkins


Funds will be presented to the College in in two installments with the first during Alumni Weekend and the second during the fall Founders’ Week celebration. With your help we can present one-half of the goal amount on that occasion.

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