Board Officers and Chapter Reps

Board Officers


Kristie Brooks Purnell, Esq.


[email protected]


Norman Pitts, III

Vice President

[email protected]


Shaneeka Phillips


[email protected]


Pamela Stansberry

Financial Secretary

[email protected]


Carmen Davis

Recording Secretary

[email protected]

IMG_6492 (002)

Russell Holloway

Immediate Past President

[email protected]

Mr. Leroy Frazer, TCNAA Parliamentarian, parliamentarian

Anita Elston, EC Member-at-Large

Chapter Presidents and Representatives

Alpha Men Chapter President - David Jones - [email protected]

Atlanta Chapter President – Norman Pitts – [email protected]

Atlanta Chapter Rep - Darlene Neely – [email protected]

Birmingham Chapter President – Carolyn J. Thomas – [email protected]

Birmingham Chapter Rep - Hazel Bass Germany - [email protected]

Charleston Chapter President – Dorothy Jenkins – [email protected]

Chicago Chapter President - Brenda Cross - [email protected]

Columbus, GA Chapter President – Zeresh Gosha - [email protected]

Columbus, GA rep - Connie Johnson - [email protected]

Detroit Chapter President  – Eugene Cain – [email protected]

Detroit Chapter Rep - Cynthia Ross - [email protected]

Greater NY President – Leroy Frazer – [email protected]

Greater NY Chapter Rep – Marilyn Hatcher Daniels – [email protected]

Greater Washington DC President – Joy Daniel – [email protected]

Greater Washington DC Rep – Rachelle Williams – [email protected]

Los Angeles Chapter President – Ja'nelle LaCroix – [email protected]

Macon Chapter President – Gerald Cook – [email protected]

​Miami Chapter President - Brenda Snipes  [email protected]

Miami Chapter Rep – Chester Fair – [email protected]

Mobile Chapter President - Kendal I. Foster, M.D. - [email protected]

Mobile Chapter Rep – Lawrence Carroll – [email protected]

Talladega Chapter President and Representative - Anita Elston - [email protected]

Tampa Bay President – Rosalyn Earl – [email protected]

Tampa Bay Chapter Rep – Joann Stubbs Myers –  [email protected]

Texas Chapter President -Marva Robinson - [email protected]

Triangle NC Chapter President – Angel G. Batts - [email protected]

Tuscaloosa Chapter President – Elizabeth Wilson – [email protected]

Tuscaloosa, AL rep - Vanessa Coleman - [email protected]

Western Carolina Chapter President - Darron Lockett – [email protected]