2021 Legacy Fund Campaign

Racquel Lipscomb-peck second shot

A Message from Racquel Lipscomb-Peck

2021 Legacy Fund Campaign Chair

Dear Talladega College Family and Friends,

I recently visited Talladega College. Walking its grounds and hallways, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic about my four years on campus. Yes, I love my alma mater but that's not why I agreed to chair the 2021 Legacy Fund Campaign or why I donated to the Legacy Fund. I donated because of the lifelong relationships I made as a student. My life is better, and I am better because I attended Talladega College and met countless friends with whom I interact daily.

During my visit, I toured most buildings on campus and the campus is simply beautiful. I met several students who listened patiently to my stories about the dorms, sitting on the wall, Dr. Braithwaite's class, and many other adventures I had as a student. It dawned on me that these students deserve my support. I am thankful that they chose Talladega College and I know firsthand that many of them have major financial difficulties. Several students have reached out to me from dire need.

So, if I can donate $25, $50 or $100 a month through a recurring PayPal donation or a larger donation, then it is worth it to give back to people and a place that continues to give to me. Give whatever you can. I'm all in for 2021! I am privileged and honored to be able to lead the campaign and to support the fund. If you are reading this, I ask you to do the same.


Racquel Lipscomb-Peck

Chair, Legacy Fund Campaign


Step Up for Dega 2021!

Legacy Campaign Fund

Total to date: $49,300.00


Legacy Campaign Fund Contributors

Investor--$10,000 and up


Champion--$5,000 to $9,999

Deborah J. Higgins

Karla FC and Russell Holloway


Advocate --$2,500 to $4,999

Racquel Lipscomb-Peck

Sandra Stubbs


Sustainer--$1,000 to $2,499

Lydia L. Alexander

Norman Campbell

Ernestine B. Cole

Charellise Coleman

Sharon Doleman

Virtus Investment Partners

(Match for Sharon Doleman)

Deloris Frazier

Theressa D. Gaines

Ruby P. Greene

Gwen Veale Hendrix

Dorothy Jenkins

Angelia Nicholas

In Memory of Dove Savage Pinkney

(Los Angeles Alumni Chapter)

Dianne and James Reynolds

Virginia Saunders

Beverly Shields

Leonard Smith

In Memory of Marlene Wright

(Leonard Smith)

Rosalyn Zeigler

TCNAA Greater South Carolina Chapter

W.K. Kellogg Foundation match for M. McKinney (2020)


Builder--$500 to $999

Harriett F. Byrom

Vanessa Coleman

Gloria Davis

Kimberly Dickerson

In Memory of Ulysses G. FORD, II

(Beverly Odom Ford)

Lucy A. Johnson

Kazetta H. King

La Verne D. Latson

Bahati Lett

In Memory of Dove Savage Pinkney

(Alumni and friends)

Betty Wrights

TCNAA Eastern Region (Close out)

TCNAA Tampa Bay Chapter


Founder--$100 to $499

Maxine Beck

Evell D. Bowie

Jeffrey Bowie

Sharon Burt

Kamaria Campbell

Daisy Davis

Franklin Edward

Anita Elston

La Donna Evans

Yvonne B.S. Gregg

Tomeshia Hubbard

Glenda Johnson

Christopher Jones

Inger Jones

Darron Lockett

Charles Matthews

Veronica E. Miller

Dorothy Mills

Jennie Mosley

Darlene Neely

In Memory of Dove Savage Pinkney

(New Frontier Democratic Club, LA, Ca)

Lee Pitts

Cynthia Ross

Vermelle Simmons

Kathleen Smith

Solutions Architects

Jacqueline B. Turner

Sylina Williams

Elizabeth Wilson

Sommer N. Woods

LaVerne M. Wyche


Supporter--$1 to $99

Vivian R. Baker

Kristen H. Dulcio

Roberta Frasier

Ja’nelle La Croix

Maurice Minor

Marion Oglesby





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