2022 Legacy Fund Campaign

Step Up for Dega 2022!

Legacy Campaign Fund

2022 fund total:           $156,533.00

Legacy Campaign Fund Contributors


Investor--$10,000 and up

Sybil Kay Andrews

Cathy Hammon-Moulton

Karla FC and Russell Holloway

Geneva and Willie C. Young

Atlanta, GA Chapter, TCNAA



Champion--$5,000 to $9,999

Deborah Higgins

Sherman A. James

Kristie Purnell

Kathleen and Leonard Smith



Advocate --$2,500 to $4,999

Beverly Anderson

Merck Foundation

(Beverly Anderson match)

Betty W. and Houston Brown

Maxine and Eugene Cain

Ernestine B. Cole

Helen S. Flagg

Margaret S. Griffin

Jewell Hunter

Racquel Lipscomb-Peck

Bertha M. Perkins



Sustainer--$1,000 to $2,499

Lydia Alexander

Thomas A. Bolden

Norman Campbell

Charellise T. Coleman

Marilyn Hatcher Daniels

Kimberly Dickerson

Leslie L. Dixon

Sharon Doleman

Virtus investment Partners

(Sharon Doleman match)

Kendal Foster

Pamela and Leroy Frazer

Vendolyn H. Frazier

Teressa Dillard Gaines

James Gleason, Jr

Sandra Green

Ruby Powell Greene

Gwendolyn Veale Hendrix

Dorothy Jenkins

Lucy Johnson

Drs. Herb and Bess Jones

Krista Lawrence

Merck Foundation

(Krista Lawrence match)

Mamie Murrell

Frank Nelson

Annie S. Parker

Seqwana Pryor

Dianne and James Reynolds

Virginia Saunders

Beverly Shields

Pamela Stansberry

Lucille Croom Tillman

Charles A. Ward

Rosalyn Zeigler

Chicago Area Chapter, TCNAA

South Carolina Chapter, TCNAA

Talladega Chapter, TCNAA

Tampa Bay Chapter, TCNAA

Triangle (NC) Chapter, TCNAA



Builder--$500 to $999

Giving Tuesday 2021

(Cynthia Ross solicitation)

Samuel Adams

Evell Bowie,III

Mathew Bowie

Mary Brinson

Janet Brooks

Arthur Brown

Carlotta Butler

Carolyn Smith Carer and Mercy Stanford

La Donna Evans

Yvonne B. Gregg

Kazetta H. King

Erika Morgan

Laura Nash

Kevin Owen

Talmadge Robinson

Carolyn J. Thomas

Alisha Thompson

Mary Tinsley

Karen Wooten

Greater Los Angeles Chapter, TCNAA

Law and Public Policy Group, TCNAA




Founder--$100 to $499

Yvette Barker

Mary Barnett

Angel Goodwine Batts

Jeffrey Bowie

Marva H. Burns

Harriett Byrom

Robin J. Clark

Lynne M. Collins

Taryn Edwards

Anita Elston

Delesilynn Elston

In Memory of Ulysses G. Ford, II

(Beverly Odom Ford)

Marva Goff

Renita Hall-Thompson

Harry Harvey

Robert Heflin

Clyde Holmes

Virginia Lawrence Houston

Janis Hill Jackson

Sharena James

Anthony McGee

Rosie Meadows

Dorothy Mills

Maurice Minor

Charlene Jones Mitchell

Joann Myers

Laura Nash

Denise Perryman

Detria Powell

Tanisha Richmond

Verna Seals

Yolanda F. Stewart

Ron Thomas

Louise F. White

Virginia L. Williams

Elizabeth Wilson

Alpha Men Chapter, TCNAA

(Ceron Bryant)

Greater New York Chapter, TCNAA

Tennessee Chapter, TCNAA



Supporter--$1 to $99

Toi Anders

George T. Goodwine Christian

Veronica Miller

Juanita Pass

Robert D. Redmond

Charlotte K. Smith

Richard Taylor

In Memory of Anthony “Bunny” Turner

(Angel Goodwine Batts)

In Memory of Wille B. and Elsie Ebbry Turner

(Angel Goodwine Batts)

Birmingham Chapter, TCNAA


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