2020 Legacy Fund Campaign

Eugene Cain sitting

A Message from Dr. Eugene Cain

2020 Legacy Fund Campaign Chair

Recently, Russell Holloway, President of TCNAA asked me to serve as Chairman of this year’s Legacy Fund Campaign. With little hesitation, I accepted his offer, knowing all along, that it is quite difficult to get significant numbers of the College’s former students and graduates to give back. Nevertheless, I decided to forge ahead because I learned from our initial Legacy Fund Campaign that Degans, by and large, are committed to the continued maintenance and development of the College.

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Step Up for Dega!

2020 Legacy Campaign Fund

2020 fund total--$109,117.30


2020 Legacy Campaign Fund Contributors 

Investor--$10,000 and up


Champion--$5,000 to $9,999

Maxine Hankins and Eugene Cain

Patricia Frazier

Karla Clapp and Russell Holloway


Advocate --$2,500 to $4,999

Lynn Nikky Finney

Ruby Powell Greene

Margaret S. Griffin

Cathy Hammond-Moulton

Kevin L. Scott

Birmingham, AL Chapter—TCNAA

Greater New York Chapter--TCNAA

South Carolina Chapter—TCNAA

South Florida Chapter--TCNAA


Sustainer--$1,000 to $2,499

Betty Brown

Houston Brown

Bertha M. Burris-Perkins

Khari “Needlz” Cain

Norman Campbell

Ernestine B. Cole

Charellise T. Coleman

Leslie Dixon

Beulah J. Dumas

Helen S. Flagg

Deloris Frazier

Marilyn Hatcher-Daniels

Deborah J. Higgins

Dorothy Jenkins

Lucy Johnson

Bess Jones

Krista Lawrence

Merck Foundation Match for K. Lawrence

Carline M. Leonard

Jean Sharon McClain-Porter

Marvin McKinney

Kellogg Foundation Match for M. McKinney

Clintonia Patterson

Thomas Pitts

Dianne and James Reynolds

Beverly Shields

Victoria and Michael Simmons

Kathleen and Leonard Smith

Pamela D. Stansberry

Sandra Stubbs

James Tarver

Lucile Croom Tillman

Joyce Vasser

Chicago Area Chapter—TCNAA

Detroit Chapter—TCNAA

Tampa Bay Chapter—TCNAA

Triangle (NC) Chapter--TCNAA

Western Carolina Chapter--TCNAA

Builder--$500 to $999

Lydia Alexander

Angelia G. Atkins

Janet C. Brooks

Arthur Brown

Dexter Brown

In Honor of Jacqueline Brown

(Nicole Brown)

In Honor of Berry F. White

(Betty J. Burton)

Edith Calhoun

Caroline S. Carter and Mercy Stanford

Lynne M. Collins

Sharon E. Doleman

Virtus Investment Partners Match for S. Doleman

In Memory of Ulysses G. Ford, II

(Beverly O. Ford)

Pamela and Leroy Frazer

Vendolyn Frazier

Theressa Gaines

Gail Gardner

Barbara J. Gilbert

Karen Y. Houston

Ursula Jackson

Lucy Johnson

Lavern Latson

Racquel Lipscomb-Peck

In Honor of JoAnne Moore

(Emerson S. Moore, III)

In Honor of Emerson Moore and JoAnne Moore

(Camille Moore-Barnett)

Mamie Murrell

Joann Myers

Betty J. Palm

Denise Perryman

Jacqueline Preston

Cynthia Rahming

Virginia W. Saunders

Dorothy Nash Shack

Herbert Williams

Rosalyn F. Zeigler

Chicago Area Chapter—TCNAA

Columbus, Ga Chapter—TCNAA

Former Eastern Region--TCNAA


Founder--$100 to $499

Samuel L. Adams

In Memory of Ouida H. and Claude D. Clapp

(The Arce-Holloway Family)

Joy Armstrong

Constance Lawhorn Armstrong

Levely John Bardell

In Honor of Dr. Eugene Cain

(Patricia Barnes-McConnell)

Gwendolyn Bozeman Bates

Angel Goodwine Batts

Shirley Beauford

Dale Jackson Bonds

Evell Bowie III

Mathew Bowie

Zenda Bowie

Jacquelin Brown

Katrina S. Buchanan

Carlota B. Butler

Harriett F. Byrom

Jabari Cain

Patricia Cain

In Honor of Patricia Cain

(Delois Cain)

Shonta Chambers

In Honor of Rubye Lynn Hooks

(Anita S. Cobb)

In Honor of Willie Mae and John E. Cole, Sr.

(Clinn Cole)

Nedonna K. Cooper

Brenda V. Cross

James S. Cross

Kimberly Dickerson

In Memory of Dr. Nancy Durant

(Guy Durant)

Doretha Edgecomb

In Honor of Arnold and Mary Elston

(Delesilyn Elston)

La Donna J. Evans

Chester Fair

In Honor of Helen and Thomas J. Flagg

(Thomas N. Flagg)

In Memory of Demus Frazier and Dr. Fannie Frazier Hicklin

(Ariel Hicklin Ford)

Lorene B. Frasier

Luther Garrison

Hazel Bass Germany

Marva Goff

Archie Harmon

Sebron Harmon

Harry Harvey

Robert Heflin, Jr.

Mary A. Hobley

Willie K. Hughes

Janice Ingram

Ammon Jenkins

Glenda Johnson

Augustus Jordan, II

Kazetta King

In Honor of Mrs. Eddie Laura Black Ainsworth

(Maxine Lee)

Darron Lockett

Vivian Love-Jones

Anthony McGhee

Rosie Meadows

Anthony Miles

Dorothy A. Mills

 Maurice Minor

Charlene J. Mitchell

Wanda Mitchell

Margaret Mullen

Charles Myers

Darlene Neely

Kevin Owen

Anne Scott Parker

Sandra Perkins

Lauren Scott

In Honor of Helen and Thomas J. Flagg

(Kimberly Sellers)

Anna Sillmon

Melvin Sillmon

Vermelle Simmons

Andre Smith

Marjorie W. Smyth

Prenzinna Spann

Altamese Thompson

In Honor of Claude Clark

(Alice Clark T’Ofori-Atta)

Tchelindria Weatherly-Austin

Elizabeth S. Wilson

Karen Wooten

Gerald Worthy

La Vern M. Wyche

Geneva and Willie Young

Supporter--$1 to $99

Kenneth Ackerman

Gene O. Armstrong

Jeffrey Bowie

Albert Cunningham

Julia Dial

Franklin Edwards

Taryn Edwards

Christopher Jones

Ja’nelle La Croix

Queann Williams



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